How I helped turn YMCA Auckland's website into a strategic asset that supported revenue generation:


Russell Berg Marketing - Digital Marketing Project




  • Increased web-based service enquiries by over 100%
  • Increased organic site visitation by 108%
  • Increased average monthly user sessions by 80%

YMCA Auckland’s website was seven year old and with no investment in maintenance and upgrades, website functionality was no longer in line with current technology trends i.e. being mobile responsive. YMCA was experiencing decreasing website traffic from new and repeat visitors which had resulted in a 30% drop in online enquiry volume from the recorded peak, negatively impacting user experience and revenue. The full case study outlines how I increased online service enquiries by 100%.


As Abraham Lincoln famously said, “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening an axe.”

This project focused heavily on targeted pre-planning phases including user experience research, key-word research based on our content strategy and website architecture.

But planning is nothing without great execution and we built on this foundation with engaging videos, custom photography and great web-design.

And once launched, we initiated a targeted online marketing programme to begin driving traffic back to the site – and convert new business enquiries.


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