How I helped Quanton convert their website into an optimised lead generation channel:

Russell Berg Marketing Quanton Website
  • Achieved a conversion rate of 2.9% from session to prospect
  • Attained average landing page conversion rage from page entry of 40%
  • Increased average monthly user sessions by 126%

Quanton’s website was set up as an informational site to support the initial launch of the business. As Quanton began to gain traction in the market, the business focus changed towards growing a market leadership position and driving B2B customer acquisition in a complex sales cycle. Outlined in the full case study, the opportunity was to transform Quanton’s online experience and digital platforms to create strategic assets that were aligned to business objectives.

Similarly to the YMCA Auckland project focused heavily on targeted pre-planning following the simple but effective formula of analysis, planning, implementation and optimisation.

A success of this project was the rich level of customer analytics which was achieved by integrating three reporting platforms and Quanton’s CRM into a single view, which now offers real time analytics down to a per customer level.

This project was part of a holistic programme which was based on customer personas, the customer journey and extensive targeting. The programme ultimately delivered measurable revenue.


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