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I provide a range of marketing consultant services for Auckland businesses.

What I do comes from the belief that a flourishing economy for all Kiwi’s starts with strong, New Zealand owned businesses. Starting with strategy and then planning, implementation and continuous improvement everything I do is about creating a prosperous future for locally owned businesses.

From brand to communicaton, customer satisfaction or promotions I take a holistic approach and help businesses understand how marketing can help them go faster.

I play the long game, I seek outcomes over output and I know how to bring all the little pieces together to create the best picture for different businesses.

Most importantly though, I know that output is nothing without results. My aim when working with clients is to help you implement a plan within the first 90-days to achieve initial results which grow into impactful outcomes in the following 90-days.

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What I Do For You

From strategic planning to brand, content marketing, communications or digital marketing what I do for your business boils down to three basic outcomes:

Marketing Consultant Auckland - What I Do For You

Build Awareness

Whether in digital or physical channels, I help you get noticed by more people, effectively communicate your position and form a positive impression.

Create Engagement

The days of 'advertise and they will come' are gone. I help you build the top of the funnel and engage and qualify potential buyers or users for your service.


Whether your goal is subscribers, downloads, users, online purchase or lead generation, I help you optimise your assets and processes to improve business outcomes.

Businesses who have used my marketing consultant services in auckland

Russell Berg Marketing - Quanton
Russell Berg Marketing Client ThreeFold
Russell Berg Marketing - YMCA Auckland
Russell Berg Marketing - Client Hamlet Photograpy

What People say about working with me

Russell is a genius marketer who focuses on data, proven frameworks and marketing execution to make sound marketing decisions. You can be certain that with Russell it is a science, not guesswork or the latest fads. Over time I have learned to trust his direction and let him implement his recommended solutions and I am very happy with his work.
by Logan Wedgewood - Founder
Russell Berg Marketing client Logan Wedgewood

How I work as a Marketing Consultant


The standard mode of operating for this Auckland marketing consultant is to help you implement a plan within the first 90-days to achieve initial results which grow into impactful outcomes in the following 90-days.

The three pillars which underpin how I work are transparency, speed and effectiveness.

Being an effective marketing consultant to Auckland businesses means creating a clear road-map with tangible outcomes that are alligned to business drivers like revenue growth.

Marketing Consultant Auckland - Five Levels of Marketing Capability

Five-Levels of Marketing Framework


Using my five-levels of marketing framework, the first focus is always helping you understand your current level of marketing capability and determining what level of capability you want to grow to.

The second, and perhaps most important is understanding the strategic drivers and objectives for your business. Creating clear alignment with the positioning and goals of your business are critical success factors to ensure that an effective approach to marketing supports business outcomes.

Marketing Consultant Auckland - Marketing Pillars Allignment

The Sweet Spot Where You Win


Put simply I look for the sweet spot where you win.

I take a holistic approach to marketing through a marketing pillars framework developed by myself.

I help businesses understand what parts are required, the role of each part and how they come together.

Effective and efficient results are only ever achieved when all of the small parts work correctly and coherently as a whole.

Marketing Consultant Auckland - Russell Berg Approach

Once strategic intent has been set, I help you implement your new programme based on a repeatable 90-day cycles consisting of assess, plan, implement, optimise and scale.

90-Day cycles are pivotal to reducing time to value, decreasing risk and improving speed, agility and responsiveness.

Marketing services I consult on

Search Engine Optimisation

Helping your website be found in Google searches for terms that relate to your business, to increase the quantity and quality of people visiting your site.
Track Records Success

Content Marketing

The approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire clearly defined target customers.

Website Optimisation

Optimising the structure, design and functionality of a website to improve performance against target outcomes like increasing lead capture or collecting newsletter subscribers.

Marketing Automation

Automate marketing processes and tasks using technology to provide personalised experiences, deliver relevant activity. Marketing automation is used to create more qualified sales opportunities.

Affiliate marketing services

Even the simplest of delvierables often require a range of skills; and to get the best outcome I know a team of experts and creatives who are the shizz at their craft.

My role is being the person who knows how to bring all of the little pieces together to make the best picture for a business.

Russell Berg Marketing Technology

Graphic Design

Businesses that look good, are memorable and easy to understand, win more. We work across print, digital and web to provide effective graphic design solutions for every day kiwi businesses.

Google Adwords

From traditional adwords to Google's display network, video advertising, audience builders and re-targeting our we drive qualified traffic to target websites.


From effective copy writing to story-telling or publicity, we capture the essence of your message and communicate effectively through the best tone and language to engage your target audience - and compell them towards your business objective.
Search Engine Optimisation


From social media to annual reports, brochures and websites, photography is one of the most powerful elements that will communicate the essence of your brand and emotionally engage an audience.


A flourishing economy for all Kiwi's starts with strong, New Zealand owned businesses.